"Pass It Along" Trust

You may be a beneficiary of a trust established some time ago.  Many older trusts may terminate and transfer assets when the beneficiaries reach certain ages or other milestones.  The tax impact on trust assets can be substantial. 

Some beneficiaries may wish to continue to pass the wealth along to their children, a church, charity or foundation, or to some other individual or entity.  The continuation of such a trust may be possible under certain circumstances. 

New laws in certain states allow for trusts to continue longer term.  In a long term trust, asset planning may change dramatically over its life.  Changing asset types or strategies within types may be crucial to preserve the assets.  Many trust companies will not allow certain types of assets to be held in trust or allow changes in investments to accommodate market and economic changes.

We can help when changes in longer term trusts becomes prudent or desirable.  Continuation and adaptation of existing trusts can allow for changes in investment strategy and asset classes, including the addition of a financial advisor as an investment agent.

Updated trust documents, more flexible investment alternatives, different beneficiaries and adjusted milestones, when combined with our administration of assets, may all be possible when proper legal and regulatory considerations are met.

If these types of changes in your trust are of interest to you, please Contact Us to discuss ways we could help.