"My Way" Trust

"My Way" means that when forming a trust a person has flexibility as to what is placed in trust and how those things are handled when they are in trust.  If your plans include providing for your family's educational, life style or other needs, a properly administrated trust can offer many advantages.  We offer flexibility in trust assets and the ways disbursements are made.

Trusts protect assets according to the desires of the person who establishes the trust.  Once established, trusts generally last for several years.  During that time many things can change, including economic conditions, markets and personal and family needs, so flexibility can be very important as time passes.

We follow trust documents to see that investment and benefit plans are implemented.  You can plan your trust the way you choose, even if the assets are not just securities.  When properly financially supported and under certain conditions, we can accept administration of different types of assets, including real estate such as homes and income producing real estate (apartment complexes, certain oil and gas properties) and many other types (family businesses, art, intrinsics and many other items).

When you have decided to form a trust, we can help in suggesting language that your attorney may choose to include to allow the maximum flexibility for the future.

Please Contact Us to discuss your current or future trust needs.