Private Foundation Administration

We provide private foundation administration throughout the United States.  This service is offered solely on an agency basis, under contract to a foundation's board of directors or trustees, as the case may be.  A copy of our Private Foundation Agency Administrative Services Agreement will be provided upon request.

Private Foundations can be organized either in trust form or as not-for-profit corporations.  The latter are managed by boards of directors rather than trustees.  The various duties of the directors or trustees may include, but are not limited to:

(1) setting investment policy and investing the foundation's assets
(2) safekeeping and accounting of the foundation's property
(3) valuing foundation property as needed
(4) paying the foundation's creditors
(5) accepting or rejecting additional contributions and gifts
(6) reviewing and approving or rejecting grant requests
(7) making grants
(8) hiring and managing foundation personnel
(9) complying with state and federal laws and regulations that effect foundations, including tax laws and reporting requirements
(10) generally managing the foundation in accordance with its governing documents

Of these general duties and responsibilities, Santa Fe Trust presently offers the following services only on an agency basis:

(1) foundation accounting
(2) statement of account preparation
(3) foundation tax return preparation
(4) foundation cash management and disbursements
(5) optional annual investment reviews in behalf of the trustee or board


If our administrative services are being recommended to a client there is generally no charge for our preliminary document review services.

Our foundation administration fees are the greater of a percentage of the value of the foundation's assets or our minimum fee, charged monthly in advance.  We charge fees for initial account set up, tax return preparation and extraordinary services.  We also charge an account termination fee to ensure proper transfer of trust administration.

Contact Us to discuss the unique needs of your foundation and for a fee quote.