Charitable Trust Administration Services

We provide administration for many types of charitable purpose trusts throughout the United States, including:

We can serve as a sole chartered trustee, co-trustee, directed trustee, independent special trustee or as a primary trusteeís administrative agent.  We can provide administrative support for grantor-trusteed CRTs and CLTs.  We can help in each step of charitable trust design, presentation and implementation by working with financial and legal advisors in designing the best payout rate, trust term, customized cash flow models, charitable deduction calculations, lists of issues and facts needed in preparing and funding charitable trusts and proper funding.

If you are considering appointing Santa Fe Trust as a new trustee, co-trustee or administrative agent of a charitable trust, please introduce us to the attorney drafting the trust documents.  If the trust is funded and currently under administration by another trustee, we will gladly review the document to determine if it would permit a transfer to Santa Fe Trust for administration.

Disclaimer: Santa Fe Trust does not draft legal documents, provide legal advice or guarantee or endorse the work of any attorney.  SFT engages in trust document review for internal risk management purposes only.  Any comments or suggestions SFT makes are not to be considered legal opinions.  Attorneys who draft documents reviewed by SFT must exercise independent legal judgment with regard to information provided by SFT.

We provide all required trust accounting for Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs), Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs), and private foundations (whether in trust or not-for-profit corporate form).  We work with asset custodians to obtain current transaction information, prepare and send periodic statements as required and provide accounting for the trust.  We annually recalculate the unitrust amount for standard and net income CRUTs and advise the income recipient by letter, oversee the preparation of state and federal tax returns, provide income tax charitable deduction calculations and cash flow analysis for additional contributions to CRTs and make any required filings with state regulators. 

We also oversee and review the investment activities of the qualified financial advisors who invest our trust client assets at least annually.  We value "hard to value" trust assets as needed, hire and oversee property managers of trusts holding real estate that passes our due diligence review and administer "income deferral" NIMCRUTs invested in suitable deferred annuities, if authorized properly in the trust document.  We make all trust distributions to beneficiaries via check, wire or ACH.  We pay trust bills and keep financial advisors apprised of upcoming cash needs and stay in touch with beneficiaries.


If our administrative services are being recommended to a client there is generally no charge for our preliminary planning and document drafting coaching services.

Our trust administration fees are based on the greater of a percentage of the value of the trustís assets or our minimum fee, charged monthly in advance.  We charge fees for initial account set up, tax return preparation and extraordinary services.  We also charge an account termination fee to ensure proper transfer of trust administration.

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