As an independent trust company, Santa Fe Trust is the alternative to bank trust departments and trust companies that restrict the assets held in trust to proprietary or pre-selected investments.

The trust accounts we administer can benefit from the products and services of the nation's most qualified and talented investment, tax and planning professionals.  Our unique business model allows trustors to request that we engage their qualified investment advisor who will be managing their trust investments for us.  When requested, we will provide recommendations to a number of independent financial advisors throughout the country with whom we do business.  Our independent approach allows greater investment diversity, flexibility and portfolio choices.

Most trust companies charge a combined fee for administering and investing trust assets.  Our fees for administration are transparent and separate from those of the financial advisors who manage our trust portfolios.  When combined, these fees are competitive with the fees charged by other, less flexible trust companies.

Our Trust Committee oversees discretionary distributions, the annual account and investment review process, the management and oversight of real estate assets, and unique situations.  The comprehensive trust services of Santa Fe Trust include the oversight of investment advisors to assure that investments comply with the goals and instructions of the trust.  We provide periodic trust account statements and trust accounting for net income distributions.  We assure that beneficiary distributions are made consistent with trust requirements, liabilities are liquidated timely and all are made via check, wire or ACH.  We oversee the preparation and filing of state and federal fiduciary income tax returns, pay any taxes that are due from the trust and respond to inquiries from tax authorities.

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