Financial Institutions

To maintain certain relationships or to establish new ones, it is sometimes important to offer options beyond those that are routine.  Some trusts contain assets that may fall beyond the scope of normal administrative or investment parameters.

Co-Trustee Services

We currently act as a co-trustee in administration of certain nonconforming assets as part of larger relationships.  Our history of care and prudence in real estate, oil and other less common trust assets enables us to oversee these types of investments while acting as co-trustee with your institution as the primary trustee.

Private Label Services

If you are an institution that is chartered to offer trust services but do not find the need to capitalize and staff a trust department, we may be able to provide private label services to be marketed under your institutional umbrella.

If you have a client for whom trust is a major planning factor but a portion of whose assets are not within your trust investment guidelines, consider us as a co-trustee or private label resource.  We often can accept administration of less common assets.

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