Family Business Trusts

When your work has matured and your interests are changing, we can offer certain solutions that may be important.

Long term ownership of family assets is possible when placed in trust.  Inheritance or "death taxes" can force the sale of assets at difficult times at diminished values.  Recent changes in trust law in certain states allow for trusts to continue for longer terms.  In this way, long-term ownership of closely held family assets can be possible in trust.

Should we act as trustee, we will become familiar with you, your individual business and your family.  We will meet with the trustor (generally the parents) to understand the intent of the trust and to become familiar with the business and the family members.  We can then work with each successor family member (a son or daughter in each generation) to help ensure continued management competence and conformity to the trust documents.

For more information about long-term trust benefits and associated costs in your situation please Contact Us.