Structures For Working Together

Santa Fe Trust Inc. does not offer legal, accounting or tax consulting services.
We recommend that you engage a qualified professional for advice when needed.

Santa Fe Trust is an independent trust company.  We are not owned by a bank, investment advisor or insurance company.  Trust administration is our only business.  Our specialized methods allow trust clients to use the most qualified and talented investment, tax and insurance experts available.  We can also provide administration of unique assets.  We act in a variety of trust capacities.  Below is a table that lists some relationships and the role played by each party.

  Relationship Option SFT FA Trustor
1 SFT Self-Directed Trustee Trustee Agent 0
2 "Pure" Directed Trustee Directed Trustee Co-Trustee 0
3 Trustor as Sole Trustee Admin. Agent Agent Trustee
4 SFT Directed Trustee Co-Trustee Co-Trustee Co-Trustee
5 SFT as Admin. Agent Only Admin. Agent Co-Trustee Co-Trustee
6 All Trustees Share Liability Equally Co-Trustee Co-Trustee Co-Trustee
7 "Pure" Directed Trustee Directed Trustee Co-Trustee Co-Trustee

Option 1

Our most common trust relationship allows a preferred, qualified Financial Advisor to direct investment of trust assets as our agent.  We and the advisor agree on investment policies based on the trust documents and the advisor takes responsibility for the implementation of that plan.  The advisor is not a co-trustee and has no greater liability than in a typical discretionary brokerage account.  We monitor investment activities and performance.

Option 2

We can act in a directed trustee capacity where the trust document and applicable state law properly separate our limited administrative duties (trust accounting, distributions, tax returns, account statements, etc.) and the investment services of the advisor.

Options 3-7

These are variations of the first two.  With the exception of our private foundation services, we can act in each of them, including providing third party administration services on an agency basis to a trustee and conditionally serving as a co-trustee with trust clients, their family members or other individuals.

Please Contact Us to discuss how, together, we can meet your clients' trust administration needs.