Financial Advisors

Often a Financial Advisor spends years working to help clients build value.  Planning, care, discipline, work and consideration have resulted in relationships of trust and friendship with longstanding clients.

As the years pass, clients may make plans for their estates using trust accounts.  This can present a challenge to the independent advisor.  He may see this work turned over to a trust company that immediately dismisses these plans and indiscriminately sells a carefully crafted portfolio and creates a substantial and unnecessary tax liability.

The recent consolidation in financial services has encouraged highly skilled advisors to become more independent.  Advisors may need trust alternatives other than those offered by their parent or affiliated companies.  Advisors may want to keep their clients when the assets are placed in trust.  Advisors may recognize that they can keep their client's assets in trust under management for many years from the date of the trust's inception.

We allow financial advisors to qualify to act as agent investment managers.  When it comes time for your client to consider trusts, we stand ready to help find ways for you to continue to seek their best interests.

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For a glossary of terms commonly used in trust, Click Here.