Geoffrey A. Madsen

- Chairman
- Chief Operating Officer
- President
Geoffrey A. Madsen

As the owner of businesses that he built and developed over the past fifteen years, Geoff has demonstrated a natural entrepreneurial spirit.  His great grandfather was an initial investor in three NYSE listed companies.  His family has successfully owned and managed many businesses throughout the US.  Madsenís exposure to business began at the age of eight when he asked to attend meetings with his father.  Ironically, while working towards a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Madsen participated in the 1997 meeting that established Santa Fe Trust.

Madsen developed his acumen first as an observer and then as an executive.  In 1998 he became the Director of Administration and later President of an ab initio division of an FAA and JAA licensed flight training company.  During his tenure with the training company, Madsen played an integral role in the businessís expansion and development, managing the firmís regulatory relationships and dealing with international financial institutions.  Madsen worked with families of many high net worth individuals, some of whom used trusts as educational vehicles.

Using his financial experience, Madsen launched a real estate land development business that became a multi-million dollar company.  In 2004, after meeting with the former President of Santa Fe Trust, Madsen became interested in the companyís independent business model.  He joined the Board of Directors of Santa Fe Trust in 2007 where he fostered application of trust solutions to the needs of high net worth clients.  Two years later, SFTís Chairman asked Madsen to join the company as its President.